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Clayco is a full service construction company. We offer a wide range of construction and construction management services. We specialize in custom and semi custom projects for residential and commercial customers.

We will work with the designer of the project thoughout the design phase to identify quality control issues, this will minimize conflicts during the construction phase and save the customer from costly change orders.

During the design and development of the project we can review the preliminary documents and prepare a pre-construction estimate and schedule. This will help assure that cost, time and scope of work stay within the original budget and schedule.

Often the customer has a vision of what they want for their end product. Clayco Construction will offer ideas and help with the design using insights from past projects and current techniques. We will then take the customers vision and create the documents needed for construction and permits.

Cost is important to all parties of a construction project. When the project is awarded we prepare a detailed budget for the total cost of the job.

It is our belief that the customer should be involved. By achieving a high level of communication and exploring creative ideas from all parties, we are confident we can provide the level of efficiency and professionalism you expect.

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